Monday, October 15, 2007

Rugby World Cup

hello all,

sorry for the late post, i havn't really had much to blog about in a while.

but here we go...

now we all should know by now about the All Blacks game the other week. now there are many reasons why we lost that game but i would like to bring up a theory of my own.

Now the ref for our game was shocking and helped lead to our loss, this ref was a british ref.
ok now there's nothing that fishy about this, it could be just coincidence that the winner of our game would go on to verse england in the semis....

but i think it goes past coincidence when you realise that the ref of the other quarter final, England vs Australia, was from none other than france.

Now heres what i think. I think that England paid the French ref to help them through to the Semi's, in exchange for the English ref helping France through to the Semi's.

and the reason that this happened was all so that the final was a Northern Hemisphere vs Southern Hemisphere match. think about it, if england and france had of lost then the final would have been, Most Likely, South Africa vs New Zealand and this would have been a fully Southern Hemisphere Final.

anyway ill be off now.


Monday, September 17, 2007

The Endless Xbox 360 vs PS3 Debate

hello again,

sorry about how long its been, i havnt really visited here in a while.

anyway to my point.

i was just looking up about xbox 360s and PS3s and i noticed something no-one has informed me about yet.

since its release in late 2005 xbox 360s have sold 5.6million units,

since playstations release 1 year later, PS3s have sold 4.6million units,

and when people say, 'the xbox is cheaper!' well that is because microsoft sold their products below cost to saturate the market. no the fact that playstation have almost sold the exact same about of units in half the time tells me that price is not the issue here. also the xbox has been out for 2 years now, for all those people that tell me that there is better game selection on the xbox......duh!!!! its been out for a year longer. it takes a little while to get past the release games and get into the games that are the good ones.

so as far as i see, PS3 seems to be the better alternative.

any thoughts please dont hesitate to comment.

thats me for another week.

andrew jackson, signing off.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


hello hello

i had a brainwave the other day, about paparazzi.

now i fully understand a celebrities right to withhold their child from the rhelm of the lens.

but if the celebrities just stopped for like 10 mins and said to the paparazzi, 'you have 10 mins to take pictures, we'll smile and pose, etc...' and then left. i'm sure the paparazzi would take their photos and then leave. allowing the celebrities to have more of a life than if they try and hide.

come on, the hunters love a chase. am i right? so if you just give in and allow 10 mins then they have done the job and go back to the office, leaving you in peace.

the paparazzi get paid, the celebrities get to leave somewhere without being mobbed with thousands of epeleptic-like flashes, everyone is happy and the world keeps spinning.

and thats the way the cookie crumbles,
and thats the way,
ah huh, ah huh,
i like it,
ah huh,
ah huh


Volunteer FireFighters


well, i was recently watching the news when a story came on that bugged me, oh so much.

it was a bunch of australian, go figure, volunteer firefighters who were upset because the australian government was paying other, specialised, firefighters (not volunteer ones) from other countries to fight the overwhelming fires across aussie and wernt paying the aussie volunteer firefighters.

now i have one logical statement to close this story.

the reason you arent getting


am i right or what?

And.....thats the way the cookie crumbles


Asian Drivers


i just came back from driving and had so much contact with the above race and there 'emacculate' driving abilities i had to say something.

why is it when an asian driver is doing the wrong thing and driving irratically, and you point it out, they put on the whole fake 'i dont speaka no englisha' expression or they wave and say hi!?
is it so hard to READ the ROAD SIGNS!!!! or LEARN to DRIVE!!!!
i mean if the arrow on the road points in one direction and there are no other arrows pointing in opposite directions, which way do ya think your supposed to go!?????


maybe in CHINA or wherever else they spawn from they dont use arrows or other logical terms of indicating direction.

is it too much to ask you that if your going to live in our country you learn either to speak engrish or just learn to drive properly?

oh and another wonder of the asian driving world is the asian driver who, regardless of the many posted signs indicating in a large red circle the speed limit, or the maximum speed allowed, they still manage to drive about 20km/h under the speed limit.


now you all know that the above isn't racism, but just cold hard facts. like the sky being blue, and michael jackson's face being made of plastic.

but some of you may argue that not all asians are bad drivers, and i would like to point out that i recognize that fact but that the highest percentage of your population are spoiling it for the rest of you.

and thats the way the cookie crumbles



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