Thursday, January 25, 2007

Asian Drivers


i just came back from driving and had so much contact with the above race and there 'emacculate' driving abilities i had to say something.

why is it when an asian driver is doing the wrong thing and driving irratically, and you point it out, they put on the whole fake 'i dont speaka no englisha' expression or they wave and say hi!?
is it so hard to READ the ROAD SIGNS!!!! or LEARN to DRIVE!!!!
i mean if the arrow on the road points in one direction and there are no other arrows pointing in opposite directions, which way do ya think your supposed to go!?????


maybe in CHINA or wherever else they spawn from they dont use arrows or other logical terms of indicating direction.

is it too much to ask you that if your going to live in our country you learn either to speak engrish or just learn to drive properly?

oh and another wonder of the asian driving world is the asian driver who, regardless of the many posted signs indicating in a large red circle the speed limit, or the maximum speed allowed, they still manage to drive about 20km/h under the speed limit.


now you all know that the above isn't racism, but just cold hard facts. like the sky being blue, and michael jackson's face being made of plastic.

but some of you may argue that not all asians are bad drivers, and i would like to point out that i recognize that fact but that the highest percentage of your population are spoiling it for the rest of you.

and thats the way the cookie crumbles


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