Thursday, January 25, 2007


hello hello

i had a brainwave the other day, about paparazzi.

now i fully understand a celebrities right to withhold their child from the rhelm of the lens.

but if the celebrities just stopped for like 10 mins and said to the paparazzi, 'you have 10 mins to take pictures, we'll smile and pose, etc...' and then left. i'm sure the paparazzi would take their photos and then leave. allowing the celebrities to have more of a life than if they try and hide.

come on, the hunters love a chase. am i right? so if you just give in and allow 10 mins then they have done the job and go back to the office, leaving you in peace.

the paparazzi get paid, the celebrities get to leave somewhere without being mobbed with thousands of epeleptic-like flashes, everyone is happy and the world keeps spinning.

and thats the way the cookie crumbles,
and thats the way,
ah huh, ah huh,
i like it,
ah huh,
ah huh


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Esther Irwin said...

You should clean up the cookie crumbs, ya wally!