Monday, September 17, 2007

The Endless Xbox 360 vs PS3 Debate

hello again,

sorry about how long its been, i havnt really visited here in a while.

anyway to my point.

i was just looking up about xbox 360s and PS3s and i noticed something no-one has informed me about yet.

since its release in late 2005 xbox 360s have sold 5.6million units,

since playstations release 1 year later, PS3s have sold 4.6million units,

and when people say, 'the xbox is cheaper!' well that is because microsoft sold their products below cost to saturate the market. no the fact that playstation have almost sold the exact same about of units in half the time tells me that price is not the issue here. also the xbox has been out for 2 years now, for all those people that tell me that there is better game selection on the xbox......duh!!!! its been out for a year longer. it takes a little while to get past the release games and get into the games that are the good ones.

so as far as i see, PS3 seems to be the better alternative.

any thoughts please dont hesitate to comment.

thats me for another week.

andrew jackson, signing off.

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