Monday, October 15, 2007

Rugby World Cup

hello all,

sorry for the late post, i havn't really had much to blog about in a while.

but here we go...

now we all should know by now about the All Blacks game the other week. now there are many reasons why we lost that game but i would like to bring up a theory of my own.

Now the ref for our game was shocking and helped lead to our loss, this ref was a british ref.
ok now there's nothing that fishy about this, it could be just coincidence that the winner of our game would go on to verse england in the semis....

but i think it goes past coincidence when you realise that the ref of the other quarter final, England vs Australia, was from none other than france.

Now heres what i think. I think that England paid the French ref to help them through to the Semi's, in exchange for the English ref helping France through to the Semi's.

and the reason that this happened was all so that the final was a Northern Hemisphere vs Southern Hemisphere match. think about it, if england and france had of lost then the final would have been, Most Likely, South Africa vs New Zealand and this would have been a fully Southern Hemisphere Final.

anyway ill be off now.


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